Xylitol as a Natural Tooth Decay Prevention.

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Following on from My last Blog I'm going to introduce the Protective Factors Week on Week that You can use to help Prevent the Devastating Chronic disease that is Tooth Decay.

Xylitol is a Sugar Alcohol and is a natural product, We actually make Xylitol in the Human Body during the Kreb's Cycle.

Most Xylitol comes from the Birch Tree in Finland but China now has developed a mechanism of extracting from Grass so We can be assured of Supplies into the future and probably less expensive as well.

Most of us are aware of Xylitol in Sugar Free Gum. Unfortunately other Sugars in Sugar Free Gum such as Sorbitol and Mannitol are converted to acid by the bacteria that cause Tooth Decay so it's essential to Choose a Xylitol only Gum or other form of confectionery to gain the benefits of Xylitol.

These benefits include reduced decay as the bacteria cannot metabolize the Xylitol and are eliminated from the mouth. There is also evidence that Xylitol reduces the formation of Glucans in the Dental Plaque making it less easy for bacteria to adhere to the teeth.

Back as far as 1976 in Turku in Finland a Study showed not only decay reductions but reversal of Minimal decayed spots in teeth, i.e the teeth healed with Xylitol in the diet.

In 2000 in the Journal of Dental Research Soderling showed that Pregnant Mothers incorporating Xylitol into their diet reduced their levels of Streptococcus Mutans,  one of the main acid producing bacteria in the Mouth. Following on from this he showed that the Children of these Mums had much less Bacteria and subsequently less decay. Another effect was a reduction in middle ear infections in these same cohort of Children.

The recommended intake of Xylitol is 6 to 10 grams a day to be effective and many specialist confectioners make gums,chocolates and Candies that are Good For Your Teeth.

So here at CorkDental.com your Cork City Dentist says Certain Sweets are Good for Your Teeth!

We're working with one of these to be the distributors for a great Range of Healthy Tooth Friendly sweets that We'll be incorporating into our new Preventive Regime that we'll be rolling out before the end of 2013.


Next Blog I'll focus on the Bacteria and ways We can focus on changing our bad bacteria to good healthy non acid producing bacteria another piece in the No Decay Jigsaw.