Rave Reviews

Had a good experience getting retainers with John, I went in to get the retainers fitted and got a surprise x Ray without telling me in advance. On my way to leave, got an additional charge for the x Ray without asking my permission to do xray in the first place or letting me know about the charge. Edit: Got in touch with John and discussed.


Great experience with both John and Eileen, answered every question I had and was very thorough to deal with..... would definitely recommend to others.

Sarah J

Great experience with John and Eileen is very accommodating and welcoming definitely be recommending.

Orla Murphy

I have had an amazing experience with Dr John & his team. They have been incredibly helpful and always happy to answer any questions I have.

I've had the braces on for 4 months now and the change is extraordinary!! It may not have been a painless journey, but the team certainly made it a lot easier. It's been worth every minute of discomfort!

Tori Hume

Have seen Dr John Seward for all my dental work over 15 years now and will continue with all my dental needs in future. In fact, the range of services Dentist Seward provides have been excellent and very professional. I highly recommend this dental practice.

Barbara Buckley

Great dentist. Really nice office and all the staff are very nice. Going to the dentist can be a daunting experience at times but its actually bearable here! Strongly recommended.

Shane Hickey

Absolutely brilliant and totally painless extraction, first time I have ever relaxed with a dentist. I would highly recommend John.

PF Kelly