General Dentistry

While Dr Seward has a great interest in all forms of cosmetic dentistry and Orthodontics he is first and foremost a general Dentist dedicated to caring for his patients oral health.

With the rise in incidence in Oral Cancer and the prevalence of Gum disease and tooth decay we try to incorporate early diagnosis by encouraging regular check ups. The increasing evidence linking poor oral health to the occurrence of Heart Disease, Stroke, Alzheimer's Disease and low birth weight babies shows how important regular attendance should be viewed. Other health issues like Diabetes require those patients to be especially careful of their oral health.

Unfortunately the demise of Government funded dentistry and the economic conditions have meant more patients are putting off care. Ever since I qualified in 1984 from UCC I've been passionate about the necessity for 6 Month check ups for all patients regardless of age. Some patients require more frequent 3 monthly visits and we structure that here in our clinic.

If you haven't attended in some time now is a great excuse to visit us in our state of the art practice at 1 Camden Quay and see how we can be of benefit to You.

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