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You never get a second chance to make a great first impression! Your smile should be your first impression on everyone you meet, today more than ever We need to impress at work and socially and there's nothing more important than a White Bright Smile that people will remember you by.

At CorkDental.com We whiten teeth using the Deep Bleaching method developed by Dr Rod Kurthy in California. We take accurate impressions of your mouth to enable us to fabricate very close fitting comfortable soft trays that hold the whitening gel in contact with your teeth for as long as possible.

Whitening was discovered by the US Army when they were treating poor gum health in Soldiers who were away from army bases on long expeditions. The resulting gum infections were treated with Carbamide Peroxide Gel and as well as improving the gum condition the teeth were noticed to be a lighter shade.

I've met Dr Kurthy in Florida, Seattle and New York while attending conferences and at a full day training in Cork. He has shared his expertise with me.

Whitening occurs when the Gel breaks down and releases Oxygen, this kills any anareobic bacteria causing gum problems and enters the enamel where it breaks down the stain molecules resulting in whiter teeth.

The Secret to really white teeth is the tray, we've studied Dr Kurthy's methods and follow his protocol to ensure a really close fit which lessens the dilution of the gel by saliva.

The second piece of the Whitening Puzzle is the Gel, the stronger the % Carbamide Peroxide the better the result. The only disadvantage of whitening is that it can result in sensitivity during the process, we combat that by using different strengths for every patient, some patients use 22%, some 16% and 10% for those suffering sensitivity.

We also have all our Whitening Gels made solely for us in the USA so that they are guaranteed fresh, a problem with many gels is that they are on Suppliers shelves for many months before arriving at the dentist's surgery or whitening clinic and have lost most of their potency.

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