Ozone Dentistry

No Needles, No Drills, Ideal for Children and Phobic Patients.

Ozone Dentistry in CorkDr. John Sewards offers a revolutionary service called ozone dentistry which makes it possible to provide much more comfortable and effective dental care. One of the major benefits of ozone dentistry is that conditions that once required minimally invasive treatment can now be treated without the need for drilling and anaesthetics.

Ozone dentistry is a new therapy that uses activated oxygen molecules to treat a wide range of dental issues. Dr. Seward is one of the first dentist to offer ozone dentistry in Cork City, but it has been used for years in other parts of the world, like Canada, Europe, Asia and South Africa.

Dr. Seward uses ozone dentistry to successfully treat tooth decay, gum disease , and sensitive teeth. Ozone dentistry is changing the way doctors can help patients and Dr. Seward also uses it for certain cosmetic procedures and to treat halitosis, canker sores, cold sores, and other conditions.

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